Thursday, September 10, 2009

Note from our vacation plane ride in July

S: How are you?

h: ok

S: You are a good kid. No trouble.

h: :)

S: I am so ready to get off this plane!

h: Same here.

S: Are you enjoying your book?

h: Doi!!!!!!

h: Lets keep talking like this

S: What do you want to talk about?

h: ?

S: you are the one who wanted to keep talking! So... KEEP TALKING! :-p

h: What does :-p mean?

S: I am sticking my tongue out at you.

h: Ohhhhh

S: Yesss.

h: I want a iphone

S: Who doesn't want an iPhone? They are so awesome. Your mom is the
coolest mom around because she has an iPhone.

h: Oh sure (roll of eyes)

S: LOL This is boring I want off the plane!!!! Aaarrafghgjhhhhhb!!!!

H: I @($&ing want of this plane!!!!!!!!!!

S: Agreed.

H: Are you even mad I wrote @($&.

S: Well

S: I understand why you wrote it!!!

H: Of couse

S: The end

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