Monday, April 26, 2010

Cassidy Chat!

gotnewsocks: ooh
too late now
i saw a crazy thing today!
i have to remember to blog aboutit!
but um
carrie and i were crossing a bridge
and a man was standing in the middle just yelling at the top of his lungs
and he had something in his hands
and carrie was like
lets get off the bridge now!
because she was remembering how like
in movies suicide bombers yell like ALLAH AKBAR! ALLAH AKBAR!
or whatever
and so we got off the bridge and just watched from a distance
and pretty soon like five guys had their arms around the yelling man
me: yes
gotnewsocks: and were helping him walk off the bridge
and they were like consoling him, we could tell
and when they got closer we saw the man's face was like
gray and he just looked so awful and clammy and dead
and we asked if everything was ok
me: oh man! :-/
gotnewsocks: and the men like got some chairs and they all sat down and someone brought tea and they like talked it over
and then they explained to us that the man felt
"suffocated. like the weight of the world was putting pressure on him."
and so we think he was about to jump!
but AH you should have seen his face!
and like
the man was a college student from Yemen
and these five egyptian men
stopeed everything to sit down and have tea with this guy
me: yay!!!
gotnewsocks: to help him
and the other day i watched this video on the huffington post of a man dying on a new york sidewalk and no one stopped to help him
me: ack!
gotnewsocks: yeah
but ok
i have to go to sleep
me: SLEEP.
gotnewsocks: i really have to blog about all ths soon!
me: can I post this chat to my blog?
or send it to friends?
it's very cute
completely classic
gotnewsocks: sure!
me: yay!
gotnewsocks: the part about the man?
me: yes
gotnewsocks: yeah shre
me: yay!!!!!
thanks girl
gotnewsocks: GOODNIGHT!

1 comment:

shannon said...

I love it :)
Next time I see someone in crises(it happens alot, actually) I will have tea with them.