Friday, April 27, 2007

Video of Flooding in Wilton

Sunday's snow had turned to slush and then it rained all night, so I was surprised to see that school was closed on Monday. Then I went outside and saw the small river pouring through the stone wall, down the side of our garage, across our back lawn and then into and through our fire pit.

Our dirt road washed out completely a few houses down the hill from us and around the corner one neighbor almost lost their living room to the torrent.

Roads all over town will need to be repaired or repaved after water completely overwhelmed the normal drainage system and dug deep channels next to them, undermined the blacktop. I don't look forward to next year's tax bill, though state and (supposedly) federal aid is on the way.

Route 101, the main east-west thoroughfare across the state was blocked by a landslide at the town line and even now, nearly two weeks later, all Rt 101 traffic is detouring through downtown Wilton, where a temporary traffic light (the only one in town!) has been set up. It's a mess at the commute hours. The hillside that collapsed is so unstable it may be weeks before it can be repaired.

Yes, that's a fish in the street next to Town Hall.

- Jeff

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Anonymous said...

Wow....lot's of water. That's gotta be expensive repair work for local governments. You guys are lucky you didn't have any structural damage to the house - Dad (Papa)