Monday, April 02, 2007

Weekend Update

Well I had a great weekend. Jeff took Maggie up to Maine for the weekend (and they had their own good time), and Henry and I stayed behind. We went to see "Meet the Robinsons", which was such a great movie. Papa if you're reading this, you would love this movie. We saw it at Chunky's, which is a combination restaraunt and movie theater. We went with our good friends Bob and his daughter Emily.

Henry and I also went on a walk around sunset down to the farm. That was really nice. I'm trying to get caught up in Henry's jetstream of youth and vitality. I asked him to hold me accountable for getting outside each and every day, and the reconnection with nature and outdoors has been good for all of us.

Did anyone else notice the beautiful moon this weekend?

On Sunday Henry and I did a whole bunch of housework and I feel about two steps ahead as a result. Finally got the christmas tree hauled ito the woods (thank you Henry) and the swing back out onto the deck. a bunch of sweeping and hauling. I paid Henry ten cents for every item not found in nature he collected from the back yard (he made over 2.50!) and then another three bucks for other work too minute to mention here but certainly mattered to the overall goal. in the meantime I cleaned out the garage and got my piles set up for what will be several trips to the dump this week. the improvement in the garage is significant, let me tell you.

Jeff and Maggie got home mid day on Sunday, and he took us all out for ice cream after dinner. Another sign of spring in new england being the ice cream stands are open again (although it appears to be earlier in the season than ever before). I love mint chocolate chip in a waffle cone. you?

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