Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Save Your Mamma from The Drama!

That's my new saying to the kids when they're feeding off each other with sibling related hijinks. "Save the drama for your mamma" always comes to mind, but I, as you know, am the children's mamma so that wouldn't do.

Well kids, it's another day in blogland. My excitement is reaching a fever pitch in relation to my sister Marcia's upcoming visit. Marcia is SO MUCH FUN to hang out with, I simply can't wait to see her! We were going to go out for dinner and drinks on Friday night, but I have adjusted those plans and now, with Marcia's help, we will be having a small dinner party at the house instead.

Jeff's aunt Rozanne and her beau are going to be in town and I have a couple few new friends I've been wanting to have over and so this party on Friday night will be the perfect solution. I'm taking Friday off work, so there should be plenty of time to make ready. Trying to keep things on the small, mellowish side. (Don't want to alarm my new friends and auntie Ro-beau with a big gigizo house party quite yet!)

Anyway, I have just one more day of work and then I'm off for the weekend. Yay! Tonight Jeff has a planning board meeting and tomorrow night we have an ice cream social and book fair at Henry's school, then soccer practice Friday late afternoon, then dinner at the house. On Saturday I want to go yard sailing with Marcia and Henry, there's a fall festival on Main Street, a soccer game Saturday afternoon, and then we're heading in to Keene for their pumpkin festival. Sunday I hope to lay around and relax. (and by 'relax' I mean work feverishly on Henry's halloween costume.)

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