Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What's Happening? Nothing much.

Yesterday I caught up with three different people, and they all asked me what was up, what was happening, what was going on. And all three times I was like, "oh, nothing much really." I can't figure out if I'm in a rut, or just living life or feeling less than 100% or what. But nothing much is going on this week and I felt a little like a loser having nothing exciting to offer up to my three askers. So thanks for making me feel bad Papa! Dian! Jonboy! ;-)

Today is Wednesday. I feel a little tiny bit like crap. Nothing major, just bleh. Making my way through the week. I am excited for next week, however, as my sister Marcia is coming for a visit and we will be having a very good time. the Keene Pumpkin festival is on the 20th, so we will be going to that. Marcia needs to see that. And we will be going out for drinks with my new friend/co-worker, who reminds me so much of Marcia in so many ways that I feel they have to meet. I feel a little like I unearthed a treasure in this new friend of mine, so I am really looking forward to connecting with her on a social level outside of the office.

Maggie has picture day today at her preschool/daycare. I dressed her in a shirt that will make her blue eyes POP, and even added, at her request, a little blue ribbon for her hair. It will be a real moment for me to have TWO 8x10 school photos to frame and put up (Henry's school photo and hers). I will figure out how to post both photos online when they come in and if you happen to share the genes of my children, you will mostlikely receive an actual picture via snailmail at some point down the road! Lucky you, kin of my children.

Okedoke. You take care now. Oh! My friend Mike updated his blog finally, so go check it out and catch up... It's over there on the right, under "Blogs of Loved Ones". The Mustard Bun has been updated! Yahoo! And Katie, Mom and Matt, time to get cracking!

Have a good day.

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Katie said...

Argh! Yesterday, I posted a huge batch of photos and newsy chatty stuff and then lost it all with an errant click of the backspace button! ! I will try again later...