Monday, April 07, 2008

Updated to the Puppy Update

The dust has finally settled on the new puppy's name, and it is.... drum roll please... wait for it, wait for it!!!!


As in, "Hey, James..."

James is settling in just fine, and our adventure over to Pennsylvania went very smoothly. Henry and I didn't get home until nearly 10pm, but there was no whining or complaining by anybody (man nor beast) about the long car ride. We plopped James in between us in the front seat and he pretty much slept there non stop for the entire ride. No going #1 or even #2 the several times we stopped to let him try. He almost went into a state of suspended animation for the whole ride, not a peep or a drop out of him. When we finally got home, he ate and drank (see my earlier blog post) and then passed out.

What a cutie this guy is. Very calm and mellow so far. But inquisitive too. You can tell that the world is big and he is smart and it's just a matter of time until he soaks up enough know-how to really cause trouble. he watches and sniffs and enjoys chasing the kids as they run through the house. It's going to be interesting, because when the kids were old enough to play with dogs, rudy and kermit were too old to play with kids. now the mix is right. kids and puppies and play, well, they go together like bread and butter!


Katie said...

Hooray! We had my sister's little dog here all week - bichon, terrier, poddle, all white, very cute - along with my mom's ShihTzu puppy and my brother's retriever for the weekend. The kids and dogs rolled and barked and laughed and wrestled and ran and chased - it was wonderful! I'll try to get photos out, but it is tax week - argh!

It sounds like James is going to be a good fit. Congratulations, Kandts!

Anonymous said...

Great to hear the trip went well . At least you know he can ride in a car! you should bring him over and terrorize my cats!! Well that depends, if he is bigger than Maddy, she is a fatty! lol. Great weather today huh! I wish it was hear to stay! stuff is coming up the flower beds! cross my fingers!!