Friday, July 25, 2008

Serah, Guest Bloggah!

Here is a guest blog post from my dear old friend Serah.

The pressure.

In line at the coffee shop this morning (12 oz americano, cream, no sugar) I overheard Hipster Barista telling Asian Tourist Woman that summer is Portland’s biggest talent and the only thing that makes the winters tolerable is knowing that summer may come. And I thought, that’s odd - Hipster Barista never talks to anyone. What makes this lady so special? And the weather, really?

We were going to go backpacking this weekend but Curtis the Dog has a bum leg (he’s nine, you know) so we cancelled at the last minute. I hate that he’s getting old and lumpy. so now we have this whole weekend ahead and no plans, which I like, but also no money, which I don’t like. DINK’s - we really know how to spend some dollars. Plus it’s aaron’s birthday tomorrow. I’m getting him meat. this achieves two things: 1) he really likes meat and always wants some dry-aged shit that costs more than it should so he’ll be happy and 2) I get to eat it too so I’ll be happy. self-serving gifts are where’s its at. and maybe we’ll go to dinner here:

Things that are pissing me off today include:
  • my uterus
  • this story in the paper:

Seriously, read it. The cop shot the hell out of this guy.
yeah, he was crazy, but he was also unarmed and about a buck-oh-five. Note
that the cop is a trained cage fighter. Note also that 2 weeks after the
shooting the cop was arrested for diddling a teenager and is now in jail.

Total crap.

As an aside, we were just in Silverton over the weekend for a good friend’s wedding and we saw the roadside memorial to this guy. He looks kinda like the guy who starred in Into the Wild (Emile something-of-other?). It was kinda heartbreaking. As a further aside, Silverton is a really cute little town and I found the most fabulous pair of shoes there. and they’re silver! I wore them to the wedding.

Who knew I had so much to say?

I’d like to take this opportunity to dedicate this blog post to my dog, Curtis. He’s a good boy.
I’m out.

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