Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Date Night!

Today Cassidy and her BFF Woolie sat with the kids so Jeff and I could go out to dinner. SO NICE!!!! We went to Aqua Bistro, sat outside, it was lovely. Jeff and I talked about work and computers, among other things. Sounds boring, but was actually very interesting for both parties.

Hey special shout out to my gal Serah! Guess that little guest blogging stint of yours did the trick! The old grey goose got a ring on hah fingah! Congratulations Serah and Aaron on their recent engagement. I love you Sssssserah. mer.

Jim is recovering. He sure is a different dog from others I've owned. Very quiet, sort of p.o'd, but dignified about the Elizabethan Collar. I am curious to see how the nutjob changes him up.

I still miss Kerm.

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Anonymous said...

right back at you. mer.