Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tuesday Morning

My extremities are frozen! The bottom of my feet, the tips of my fingers, ugh! From sitting so still, I bet.

Here are some updates.

Charlie the dog is settling in just wonderfully here. I wish he was trained up on the invisible fence, because he really likes to dart out and take off. This makes it important to guard the top of the driveway any time he's outside (although that doesn't always work). I gave him a haircut this weekend, and he has been wearing a little hoodie I got for him at Target. He is one of those dogs who really seems to prefer wearing a little something to trap his heat. Here he is relaxing with Jim:

Jim: Jim is a gorgeous beast. So much bigger and heavier than Charlie, I'm always surprised. But he's a good boy in perfect health.

Henry: Home sick again today. :-( He's such an agreeable sweetheart. I love how he responds with, "Right!" when I need to give him a correction or reminder. Here he is from this weekend:

Maggie: Maggie is Maggie! Her health is good and she is very excited to celebrate her birthday in Arizona with Grammi and Papa!!!! Can you believe she will be 5 years old this year? Here is a recent picture of Maggie:
Maggie and her BFF Riley.

Okedoke, I will try and get here more often blah blah blah. Curse you and your seductive ways, Facebook!

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