Saturday, January 31, 2009

25 Random Things about me

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1. I was present at my father's vasectomy!

2. I have been pregnant a total of five times, and have two children.

3. When Mo gets here, I will leave for tonight's rehearsal of The Vagina Monologues, which is a production we are putting on here in Wilton. Town Hall Theater!

4. Occasionally, I make sloppy mistakes.

From Feb 2008: Last night, Jeff ran out of gas. And it was my fault! I'd been driving around on E for awhile, then put the van in to be serviced. (Didn't put gas in the car before the appointment, because why tie up my money in gas when I wouldn't even be able to drive the van for a whole day nearly! Jeesh! Obviously!)

5. I drink water at home all the time. I leave half filled glasses all over the kitchen. I feel and find for the most chilled glass. (an indicator of freshness.) I don't know why I can't keep the same glass, or dispense the glass each time. Some days I do manage to stick with the same glass, finish every drop, keep it at the ready on the countertop. Right now I count 7 different glasses that are half full with not fresh water!

6. I am stuck on #6!

7. Often, I am not the best example.

8. Women are fantastic. I love vaginas!

9. Two things I got from my dad: dogs and politics.

10. I need more clothes for work.

11. Places I have lived: Seattle, Washington (various)
Cannon Beach, Oregon (a few months)
Kalispell, Montana (good times!)
Seattle, Washington
Troy, New Hampshire (big jump!)
Hollis, New Hampshire
Wilton, New Hampshire (ahh...)

12. Jeff and I moved nearly 9 times before settling in Wilton. That's a lot of packing and unpacking!

13. I stayed home for the first 7 and 3 years of my kid's lives. Very grateful to have been able to make that happen. Very content with the current situation.

14. Henry and I marched in the 2007 Milford Labor Day parade for Barack Obama, and I shook his hand! read more here:

15. I fancy myself a straight talking sharp shooting wise woman.

16. My dog Kermit was an angel straight from heaven. I am willing to try, and I concede that it's possible to find that love again, with another dog, but there will never be another Kermit. He was an angel straight from heaven.

17. I was raised in a wonderful family, and I love them all very much.

18. I married into a wonderful family, and I love them all very much.

19. I have three magazine subscriptions, and next year I will cut it back to two. Right now I get "The New Yorker", "Newsweek" and "Time". I love the first two, and will not renew the third. Mainly because three magazines is a lot to get through each week.

20. I read in The New Yorker today that one million seconds equals just under 12 days. One billion seconds, however, equals 32 years!

21. I have a blog that I've kept since October 2006. I have had 9,789 visits to my blog and I average 28 visitors a day! Since I've gotten on to Facebook however, I have cut way back on my blogging. It has been a great way to keep track and share observations, and is a different sort of beast from updating fb. I need to do better.

22. Three books I recommend are:

* Getting the Love you Want, by Harville Hendrix

Divided into three sections, the book covers "The Unconscious Marriage," which details a marriage in which the remaining desires and behavior of childhood interfere with the current relationship; "The Conscious Marriage," which shows a marriage that fulfils those childhood needs in a positive manner; and a 10-week "course in relationship therapy, " which gives detailed exercises for you and your partner to follow in order to learn how to "replace confrontation and criticism ... with a healing process of mutual growth and support." The text is occasionally dry and technical; however, the information provided is valuable, the case studies are interesting, and the exercises are revealing and helpful. By utilizing his program, Hendrix hopes you too will be able to solve your marital difficulties without the expense of a therapist.
Get it used for a penny!:

* There is Nothing Wrong With You: Going Beyond Self Hate, by Cheri Huber

This book reveals the origin of self-hate, how self-hate works, how to identify it, and how to go beyond it. It provides examples of some of the forms self-hate takes, including taking blame but not credit, holding grudges, and trying to be perfect, and explores the many facets of self-hate, including its role in addiction, the battering cycle, and the illusion of control. After addressing these factors, it illustrates how a meditation practice can be developed and practiced in efforts to free oneself from self-hating beliefs.

* Time Out for Parents: A Guide for Compassionate Parenting, by Cheri Huber

Ms. Huber writes: "Instead of punishing our children by sending them into isolation, let's offer ourselves time-out to discover our own needs, our own true selves. Then we will have everything we need to give our children what they need. Taking care of ourselves is a great kindness. When we are willing to provide ourselves what we need, we are much more willing to provide others what they need. Parenting from self-neglect and deprivation has little chance of succeeding."

23. Jeff and I will have been married 15 (Wonderful!) years in 2010, and it would be so great to return to Hawaii to celebrate. 15 years is a long time!

24. Turning my frown upside down begins and ends with Dave Matthews Band. I really, really, REALLY. want to see him in concert some day. I simply must!

25. I am going to Seattle for a long weekend at the end of February and am looking forward to hanging out and laughing with my family. Yay!

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