Sunday, July 29, 2007

Crafty! Sewing Machine Cozy

This is something I whipped up a few days ago. The sewing machine came with a hard case, but once you removed the case, you only created more mess for yourself! (instead of the sewing machine in it's two piece case, you had the sewing machine, the bottom of the case, and the top of the case.) So I needed a little cozy that I could crush down and stuff in a drawer when I'm sewing, and slip over the machine (I think she needs a name) for when I'm done for the day. Store the hard case up in the clubhouse. I had extra quilted flannel from another project (that I didn't get a picture of!) and just sort of went for it.

Once I had the cozy fixed up, of course iit needed to be emroidered. I wonder if I'm spelling that right...

I'm trying to let myself explore the arena of working with fabric. When my mom comes out to visit next month, she's going to help me hone my skills, and for now I'm just going for it. It's very fun and incredibly satisfying. Gives me all sorts of full circle moments with my kids, too. Mom hunched over the sewing machine, letting me hang out in her sewing room and watch boob tube while she sews and stands in front of the tv pressing a seam. That's Henry's world these days. And Maggie spent an hour pouring over everything at JoAnn Fabrics with me yesterday, playing among the bolts of cloth and eyeballing the pretty buttons and ribbons. If it's anything for them like it was for me, those will be much loved childhood memories, even if they were somewhat boring at the time.

p.s. the felt sign in the back of the first picture is something I made on vacation at the Cape. I felt so sure that I was, in fact, where it was at, I needed to make a flag proclaiming as much.

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