Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Movie Review: Once

Jeff and I went to see this movie over the weekend. His folks had gone to see it the night before, having heard great things about it, and so we went the next night. Such a beautiful movie, the music and images are still lingering in my head. I won't say anything more about it, except that you ought to see it if given the chance. I can think of several of my dear readers specifically, who I'm certain would really love it. I'm talking to you Lanie, Cassidy, Mom, Katie and Big Matt Setter. Go see it and then try to prove me wrong.

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Arnica Montana said...

"Big Matt Setter???
you know another Matt Setter? And he is not so big?
Small world.
I know nothing of this movie. i love the use of a guitar in the poster and that may just be enough for me to go see it (when it goes to video-since we are poor)

thanks for the suggestion.
Arnica out