Sunday, September 30, 2007

Henry has his own cheerleading section

Here are a couple of cute shots of the kids taken Saturday morning. I'd told maggie I'd get her some pom poms to cheer henry on at his soccer game, and whipped these up. I like how serious she looks as she strikes her version of a cheerleader pose. And the one of the two of them, Henry look so handsome. Who wouldn't want him for an older brother? (Especially if it meant we would be your parents!)

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As you probably know, Steve and I aren't living together and I felt very uncomfortable leaving a message on his girlfriend's cell phone to get your phone number from him. Anyway...

My younger sister, JoAnn, died this morning. She would have been 41 on the 13th of October. She is married to Michael, they have Bradley 13 and Nathan 10. She had a massive heart attack on her front porch.

We've been related for 32 years (almost) and I wanted to let you know in person.
My heart is in pieces,