Thursday, November 29, 2007

Morning Edition

I was a few minutes late to work this morning, partly because I couldn't get out of the car for listening to the radio! NPR did a story on the CNN/Youtube debate last night between the Republican presidential nominees. I found myself able to follow along and knit together what I was hearing with what I already knew and just really enjoying the story all the way around.

I even found myself chuckling aloud at something Fred Thompson said. Each candidate was invited to present their own youtube video, and his video was a collection of clips of his fellow candidates flip flopping or whatever. He explained his creative vision by saying he just wanted to give the other guys more air time.

And the youtube viewer who asked how the guys who hadn't specifically been tortured before could stand up there next to a guy who HAD been tortured before and, further, believes that waterboarding is torture, how could they stand there next to that guy and not admit that waterboarding is torture.

Oh! And the guy who asked, with regard to the death penalty, what would Jesus do? One candidate (I can't remember who) answered by saying that Jesus wouldn't run for political office, that's what Jesus would do! I'm still not sure what to think about that!

Anyway. Reminds me of my Dad and how much fun following politics was for him and how I'm going to let my Orvillelight shine by continuing to follow along and knit together what I know with what I hear. By caring.

I'm certainly not in danger of tuning into Fox News Channel and I won't install a tattoo of Ronald Reagan's signature over my heart -- or Barack Obamas! but I may march in a parade or two, and participate in any "Political Interest Survey for a Major News Network" dinner time phone calls that come my way. I will care! And I'll tip my hat to my dad, and give thanks to him for being such a top notch character who actually gave a hoot about the state of the Republic.

And so can you! Know Your Vote!


Anonymous said...

If you would tune into FNC once in a while you will not turn into a conservative....At least you would know how the other "side" feels...I think they are pretty fair for the most part. I love you even if you are one sided. Dad would love that you cared so passionately! XXX OOO Mom

Anonymous said...

I second that Mommy!!


Anonymous said...

I mean the "Dad would love it" part!! :-) ha!