Thursday, February 21, 2008

OMG it is hard to get here these days

You guys. Where does the time go? Even now, I only have, like, two minutes!

Maggie is having her birthday party this weekend - any chance you can come? It's going to be a My Little Pony party you know - Pinkie Pie, Rainbow something, Sparkly Horsenuts and whoever else there is. Maggie will be the Princess of All That Sparkles and Glows, just like Lily Lightly, etc. ugh.

Turns out there's a my little pony customization web presence - had you any idea? I mean really. HAD YOU ANY IDEA?!

And let's see. My man Barack is making it happen. Newsweek had a great cover story on his lovely wife Michelle that I'm hoping you might seek out and read. I really would prefer her sleeping next to the President than Bill Clinton. Can't lie.

For whatever reason, my Big Brother obsession is mixing with my feverent support of Mr. Obama. Last night I dreamt that I was "going to everyone in the house" trying to convince them not to vote to evict him. Lol. And me and Barack were having a showmance, too! Hotsy Totsy!

Okay. Gotta go. More later. With pictures!

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Katie said...

OMG I went to the damn pony website and got stuck for 15 minutes! I hardly know what to say...