Thursday, February 28, 2008

It's oh, so quiet.

Jeff and the kids are in Arizona, and I am alone with my three toothed skinny dog. I have a feeling it's going to be a long week without them. It's funny how tucking in to my sewing machine for hours on end just isn't as fun when there isn't any responsibility to shirk. When it's just me and the dog, I find myself feeling sort of so so at the sewing machine. I should rally though, don't you worry too much about me.

I will tell you one thing. My first night alone, I ordered up the Big Brother live internet feeds. So it's sort of like the folks on Big Brother are my roomies - fun! Although it's mostly whispering and scheming, and anything super juicy that may happen that I would otherwise miss the chance to see live on the feeds, I could just find the appropriate clip on YouTube.

Got my haircut a couple hours ago! I told Jen, my hair do doer, I want more layers. Borderline shaggy. Saturday I'm getting my eyebrows did.

My girlfriend Christine is coming over tomorrow night and she is going to stay the night, yay! We hope to go out for a couple drinks, then come back and hang out. Stop by if you're in town!

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