Sunday, March 11, 2007

Free Pony Rides!

There was an open house at the local pony farm yesterday, and so we took the kids down there. Lanie and Nora were visiting this weekend. Here are the two girls getting buckled in.

this is a cute one of Maggie looking excited.

Nora really enjoyed getting a close up view of the horses. Maggie, not so much. She was quite wary for some time, and then all of a sudden she decided she wanted to pet one and then laid her hand calmly on the horses nose.

Nora took in all the place had to offer, really. She and Henry both got their faces painted. Henry chose a black horse on his forehead, and Nora wanted a pretty horse ribbon put on her forehead.

And away he goes...

Nora enjoyed her ride as well.

This is about as far as Maggie was interested in going as far as a pony ride was concerned. She changed her tune once we were walking back to the car, of course. She had a good time, though, as evidenced on her face.

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