Sunday, March 25, 2007

Pictures from our walk

Henry and I went on a walk yesterday to the farm. I took him to a new spot, one he hadn't visited before, on the non blueberry field side of the road. The water was really flowing as the ice and snow melted and we found a couple different little impromptu streams and creeks.

if you look up close in this one, you can see the little ice covers that've formed along the segments of the plant that droops across the creek.

this is a neat shot of a moss covered stump. I like the idea of using it as a backdrop somehow in a photo collage. the green stump looks like a mountain or big hill from this perspective.

the path we were walking along is something of a nature super highway. We saw turkey tracks and deer tracks on saturday, and then while walking along the same path with jeff and maggie this afternoon, we noticed some kind of wolf or coyote print. these pictures are from Saturday.

I like how all the turkeys seem to keep to the right and the deers to the left.

there's something like a 'race car boneyard' at the bottom of the field we were walking through, and I saw this bumper sticker on one of the dead cars, made me think of Brooke.

we also spent some time visiting with the two dogs that live at the farm, Riley (in white) and Scout (in black).

and then we wrapped up the evening with dinner at Chilis. here's maggie and her dad, enjoying each others company.

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