Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

We got up at seven this morning and enjoyed a very nice and leisurely Christmas morning... Not as much under the tree this year, but only because we've sort of been opening gifts all along. One thing I observed is that we got the Wii a bit out of our system and were much more able to enjoy our other gifts.

Oh and guess what I got?! An iPod Nano! This one, in black:

Nice, huh? It even has my name and email address etched on the back! Earlier today I was wearing the ear buds in my ears, listening to music nice and low - it was so sweet! Everywhere I went, so did the soft little tune in my ear. If I heard a great song, I could turn it up! And I could totally hear everything else going on around me in the meantime. This will be especially handy at work, where I itch to listen to music, but need to be able to hear, too.

My Christmas package was delivered to Jocelyn's house last night, yay! What a relief.

And back to work tomorrow... There was talk of Jeff taking the kids up to Maine, since they have the rest of the week off. Hopefully that'll still happen, hopefully the kids will be well enough to hit the road. Maggie hasn't stepped foot outside since coming home from school on Friday! Henry and I went for a walk down to Curtis Farm this afternoon, it was really gorgeous out. Snow, but still sort of warm - good smelling, too!

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