Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thursday evening

There was no school today, and I stayed home with the children. Not that I have actually stepped foot outside beyond heading to the mailbox, but there is, apparently, a terrible ice storm. The kids could have definitely gone to school, in hindsight.

We are expecting schools to be closed tomorrow as well, because the real meat of the storm is coming overnight I guess. I will make every attempt to make it in to work. I've been having head aches at work lately. Also I'm caught up in one area that had been nagging at me, and about to shift gears towards another project and that can be a challenge. I bet tomorrow will be quiet.

What else is going on. Today I gave the dog Jim a bath. He was dirty, he was smelly. It was time.

In an effort to drive traffic to this blog, I will be updating my Facebook status with the fact that I have updated this blog.

In an effort to rid myself of bumps on my head, I am considering having two removed in early January. They're sebaceous cysts, don't panic. In an attempt to research just what I'm in for in having them removed, I googled it and found some crazy stuff, yo!

Check this out. This is a person who had cysts on their head, but let them go a bit longer than I intend to!

If you want to be really freaked out, go here and look at that (NSFW).

Apparently to remove it, the doctor has to rub and massage and squeeze out the interior of the cyst! Check this out:

Hey now!


Gretchen said...

Do not make me click here while at work- just nasty!! I say go for it, especially when your insurance covers it!

Cassidy said...