Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wednesday Evening

Well I am certainly more comfortable, more 'at home' here in my sub-let. I am over at my friend Brian's apartment while he is out at a meeting. The kids (Henry and Lily) are watching a movie and Maggie is playing quietly in a nice hot bath. And I'm here with you.

Oh blog, I wish I had better news to report. 6 days later, still no power. It has been a memorable week. It's strange to come home to a totally dark house each night. We've eaten out for dinner (or paid to eat dinner each night), done laundry at Bob's, taken a shower someplace different each time, been kept toasty and warm by the wood stove, learned how to load the wood stove, bought a cord of wood, lugged gallons of water and charged anything that with batteries at any place I could get either, the list goes on and on.


Jim. You can tell he's confused. He's in his crate during the day, so the house is dark by the time he comes out for the evening. This is fooling with his habits in many ways, I am sure. Is not fully comprehending.

Maggie. It's funny how kids are. She still reaches for the faucet to rinse her toothbrush, still stands up on tippy toes to try for the light when going in to the bathroom, pines for 'something cold! something not from the pantry!'

cutting it short, more later -

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Dian said...

Oh Susie - it sucks not having power. When ours was out (for nearly a week a few years back) we got to the point where all we wanted for Christmas was POWER! The kids agreed too until it was on for about a day and then they quickly forgot that wish :-)
Plus it's made all the more frustrating as you see neighborhoods coming back to life while yours remains dark and cold. It will all be over soon, keep up your positive attitude! Love Ya!!!! Dian