Sunday, January 25, 2009


(That's what Maggie called it.)

Well. VERY good times. Not crazy, no ka-boobery. Lots of fun photos and a lot of clever art to look at, so let's get started!

First of all, I would like to point out, we are all getting old. Kids included. For kids we had, I think, 2 fourth graders, three third graders, 1 1st grader, two pre- kindergartners, two three year olds, and 1 18 month old. (did I get that right?) OH! And one docile, joking, enjoyable teenager (15).

But we had the Wii. And we had a craft station that will take me about two seconds to clean up once I get going here. April could not tear herself away from the craft area, I kid you not!

They got a little crazy here and there - turns out I get unnerved by lots of racing through the living room and hallway - who knew?! Overall, however. Very, very well behaved kids who had a great time also. Oh! And I even kicked Bob's butt at Uno for a few games - ye-haw!

That's Maggie taking notes about our decorating for the party.

Here we have some good old fashioned chowing down at a pot-luck. Jersey Jack's Back!

Maggie and her BFF Riley coloring it up. This was, I think, the first party we've had where Maggie's pals were there, too. It really made it special for her, although everyone played with everyone and had good times.
Riley, Maggie and Anna watching the Powerpuff girls dvd on my macbook in the sewing/cozy/coat room.

The craft area. I gathered all my magazines (Newsweek, Time and a couple of Peoples) and tossed out scissors and glue and got some GREAT art out of it. That's April there, next to her daughter Jamie.

This one's called "Art by April".

Keelyn made this one, isn't it a riot? "I gotta go...Where's the rest room??"

Jack banged this one out. "Yo alright, white girl!...I love you B"

"Wierd Ohs!!...Over there, sweety" by Keelyn

Anyway, thanks for coming everybody! Real good times, I'm glad you could make it.

Onward, Mr. President!

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