Sunday, May 06, 2007

Tweet Tweet

Oh my goodness is it beautiful and gorgeous and crisp outside this morning! The birds are really showing up. lots of movement in the trees and different bird calls. Love it!

The squirrels are everywhere, also. This morning I saw that one was sitting in the gutter along the screened porch roof, digging around for stuff to eat! They are pretty much everywhere right now. Almost like an epidemic. you go outside and look in one area and within seconds you'll see one. Turn your head, and you'll see three more! Crazy. I'm starting to fantasize about dead squirrels hanging by their tail on long wooden sticks. And if I had a dog that had one shred of hunting instinct, I'm sure he (or she) would be going ape out there. All Kermit will do is perk his ears up and head down the steps in a spirited, determined way and then stop at the edge of the lawn (so his feet won't get wet or muddied unless they have to) and listens very carefully. Then he turns to chew on a blade of grass. No big deal.

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