Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Daddy is still with us but moving pretty steadily towards the end, and it's just been wonderful to be here. our family has always been dad's heaven on earth and you can tell that as sick as he is, he just doesn't want to leave us. he's got his kids and a wife and assorted other loved ones around his bedside, his dogs sleep at the foot of his bed full time, he can hear our laughter and togetherness down the hall even if we're not in his room at the time, etc. he's just beginning to have pain that requires treatment, sleeps at least 23 hours a day, still no food and only sips of water for something like nine days so far. but he's still here with us. the hospice nurse gave us some wonderful tips about how to help him transition emotionally from where he doesn't want to leave to where he's going whether he wants to or not, and there are enough of us here to share the work so none of us feel burned out or burdoned. it's really been a wonderfully sacred time and I'm just so glad I'm able to be here and share in it. yesterday I was sitting in his room with maggie asleep on my chest and realizing that there really wasn't anywhere else on the planet for me to be that was more important than where I was. which is pretty great.

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