Monday, March 24, 2008

Kermit, today

Here is a picture of sweet Kermit I just took a minute ago. See the yellowish tint to his ear as the sun shines through it? That's the anemia. Poor guy! I'm home today and the goal will be to have a nice ceremony for him at the farm late this afternoon. I'm waiting to hear back from his terrific vet, Dr. Kalb. But I'm hoping to get a (final) appointment for him later today, and Matt has assured me he'll be able to dig the hole with his tractor any time I say so. So. :-(

UPDATE: Jeff and I will be taking Kermit in at 2:30pm

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Katie said...

Oh, my, Susie. I'm so sorry to hear about lovely little Kermie. When I had to put down Jake and then Molly (it sounds a bit like what it is, doesn't it? You've been carrying him, but he's ready to be put down), your support was very helpful. I'll tell you now what you told me. Today I will take my dog outside for a walk and a play and tonight I will give him a plate of wet food in Kermit's honor. give him a final scratch for me.