Monday, March 10, 2008

"Mom, when is your voice coming back?"

Maggie was asking that all weekend. I caught a bug at work and ended up losing my voice this weekend (and continuing today). Henry had a Destination Imagination Competition this weekend in Swanzey, and so she and I drove out there Saturday morning. (Jeff and Henry had left much earlier that day to make it in time for registration.) There was a driving rainstorm on our way home, and she was her normal chatty self. I couldn't seem to get it through her head that I was not able to project my voice over the sound of the rain on the roof and the whoosh of the driving, etc. Ugh. Wore me out!

Henry made me so proud on Saturday. What a great kid he is, made me so proud to watch him pitching in and going for it the whole 7 minutes they did their piece in front of the judges. everybody had stage fright and was sort of thrilled and panicked all at the same time. (which is what is so wonderful about competitions for kids, I think.) this girl reading her part too fast, that girl forgetting her lines, props falling over, etc. henry was just this great friendly force up there amongst it all, whispering lines to whoever needed them, using a strong voice to deliver his own lines (with a very convincing confidence I might add) and clod hopping around in his boots and ill fitting clothes, rushing through all the scenes and clutching at the props, etc. and the big puffy hair he's sporting these days. TOO MUCH.

I have pictures I will try to post later today...

I went to work this morning, but now I'm home. I don't feel so lousy, but my voice is still wrecked and my cough is very tickly and terrible sounding. We've had to add a couple more cubes to the tiny little bat cave we work in, and it already feels like we're packed in like sardines in there. Nobody wants their neighbor hacking and snorting next to them. YUCKO. I'll remove myself from the equation today and lay on my couch with my skin and bones for dog Kermit and read my book, thank you.

Hey hey hey we have a birthday coming up on Saturday! Lordy Lordy, guess who's turning 40?!!! I'll give you a hint:

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Cassidy said...

why, it's geoffry sarboxely!