Monday, March 24, 2008

Recent Wildlife

Here is an owl that was hanging out for a few days over Jeff's birthday weekend. He would hang out on a fence post over at the white farmhouse across the road. Our neighbor thinks he/she was watching for mice.

And here are some deer that I spotted in the backyard a couple days ago. Long winter makes for daring wildlife...

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nhshuttahbug said...

hey cool pics!! I got dark pics of deer on North River Rd at McClouds. The corner of my eye caught four legged things and lots of them. Turned around and it was ALOT of deer. I drove back home , grabbed my camera and went back. Noise scared them and out of the wood work more came out running. Over 30 deer I have to guess . I have never in my life seen that many, it was so cool. I must get my page going on here. That is if I can remember my username and log on! then you must help me figure this all out. It is much different than yahoo 360, and with its uncertain demise, I need a new home. We can do margaritas!! I will buy the stuff to make them game??? lol!