Friday, March 21, 2008

Things about Kermit

Have you heard the news that Kermit mostlikely has liver cancer? I know. I can hardly believe it myself. He's at the vet right now, getting squared away for x-rays to see how extensive things are.

Here are some notes I typed up for Jeff to bring to the vet this morning:

It appears he threw up last night, at least twice. once was the contents of his stomach, another was mostly yellow bile. also, yesterday evening, he was outside pooping and was startled mid-poop by a black shadowy animal (fox? cat?) and took off barking at him a little bit. after that, he took the longest time trying to pinch off his poop. kept trying to pinch and pinch and sort of waddling around.
so I picked him up and took a look and he had a large gumball sized poop mid sphincter! it was like a ball of poop stuck on the inside. I ended up working it out for him (nevermind how) and then clipping away the hair around the outside area that wasn't helping matters.

Poor guy! I mention it because in hindsight, it seemed as if he didn't have the power to push it out and finish the job! maybe I didn't wait long enough, but it was cold and he was obviously exhausted!

I'll keep you posted. We are talking about a highly prized individual, and I know you care about him, too.

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Anonymous said...

TMI!!!! Love the puppies but waaaayy toooooo muuuuch information!!!!! Love Ya! Joce