Thursday, June 05, 2008

Bad Boys of Baghdad

My co worker has a son who's been deployed in Iraq, and we have all been living vicariously through her as she lives day to day with the uncertainty and worry and fierce love and pride for her soldier. She tells sweet stories and has wonderful pictures that really illustrate for me the investment a soldier's mother has in this whole convoluted situation. I am learning a lot from her and what she's going through, and we are all very excited that his tour of duty is wrapping up and he is on his way back home to her.

She's told us that her son gets bashful and teasing with her when he's seen her wearing something from her collection of patriotic "My sweet baby boy is a soldier and I'm one proud mamma!" T shirt collection.

"Mom!" he says. "You are so gay. That. is so gay."

So this morning we're looking at his pictures on myspace, and on the pretense of showing me how young and childlike her son and his buddies are, she shows me this picture:

"THAT." I say. "Is so gay."

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