Saturday, June 14, 2008

Hello from Saturday afternoon.

Try to make this one a talky...

Well! This afternoon I went over to the farm and Brianna and the kids played in Brianna's swimming pool thingie while Christine and I chatted. It was great to catch up with her, and all three kids had a wonderful time. Boy was it nice out there. 

Last night the four of us all went back to Sunset Lake for the first time this year. We got there around 7:30 and stayed for an hour or so. So nice. No bugs. One guy who'd brought his two girls for an after dinner swim and us. I just love Sunset Lake. It's a little pond in Greenfield, next to Crotched Mountain. And just like this afternoon, the kids played happily while Jeff and I hung out chatting.

I kept daydreaming of somehow procuring a little summer cottage on the lake. I wonder. Are there down sides to having a vacation home that is only about 15 minutes from your full time home? I would like to find out. 

Last summer Henry and I went to a lake front cottage on Sunset Lake for a birthday party of his classmate. The cottage belongs to his grandmother, and she lives in our town too. So that's someone who's determined vacation living a short distance from your primary residence is worth doing. (Perhaps my dear reader who knows who I'm talking about could chime in here. Does this woman love it? or is it used more by her grown children? hmmm.)

James is crashed out at my feet right now.

Oh! Skype! I want my mom and sisters to sign up and download Skype. I want us to video chat more often, and I have determined that this is the best way to do it between a Mac and PC. I wonder why it's so difficult to do video chats across platforms.

Last night, watching MSNBC and everybody mourning Tim Russert. What a shame. They obviously really loved him as a colleague and mentor. Keith Olbermann was read faced and lip trembling all night, poor guy. They all kept saying that he'd always ask you about your kids or check back and ask about your mom and the surgery you mentioned she needed, etc. 

One guy said Russert was such a total family man and wonderful father and made this guy a better father because of the way he saw Tim live his life. To have him die right around Fathers Day is sort of fitting because it's the perfect time to mourn and remember Tim Russert, on Fathers Day.

And all this makes me think of my Dad and how we went to Seaside to spread his ashes the weekend of Fathers Day. I think his memorial party was the Saturday before, and the trip to Oregon was the day after. I remember spending Fathers Day itself in a sort of extended pajama day at Jocelyns, not doing anything but recovering from Saturday and repairing for Monday. 

Anyway. It's a good point. If you're going to lose a wonderful father, Fathers Day might be the best time to do it. Roll it all up into one. I wish my Dad had lived to meet James, our new dog. I see my Dad in myself when I try to get Jim to play rough and bitey. "Kill, Jim. Kill." I say and slap and claw the couch. 

Thanks to two five pound weights in the bottom of our trash can, Jim is no "Garbarge Dog", however.

Today is Christine Saturday for me! My other girlfriend Christine and I are going out to grab a bite and a drink or two. I'm lousy with Christines!

Have a good one, talk to you later!


Anonymous said...

Ahhh I will chime in about it!!! I always thought it was silly to have that place so close to home. Yet it is a family house. His grandpa's parents owned it . Though this place is the size of a home, a home I could VERY EASILY live,if it was winterized. Even on the hottest days, the trees make great cover from the sun. She is having the swimming area raked, I love that part, no uccky stuff under your feet!!! But it is a great retreat. Even if it is close to home, going there is a retreat . I have a great full moon pic of that lake. I must show you sometime!!!

Anonymous said...

YEAH!!! Susie, I just cracked up on your Daddy reference....I mean, cracked up! I love you!! Nice Post!!!! Jocelyn

Anonymous said...

Hey, why'd you take away my Perez Link? Realy bummed. That was my daily routine. You, then in to perez. Joce

Anonymous said...

Thank you for my Perez back!! Yeah! I can go on with my day now. :-) Love ya! Joce

Anonymous said...

Hey, Daddy story for you....I was at Fred Meyer, on Fathers Day, and there was a little old man who totally reminded me of Dad. I was chatting it up with him and he had two cans of cat food and a roll of duct tape to purchase. The checker says to him "yeah, you need to keep the cats alive" and he replied, "that's what the duct tapes for" I about lost it!!! That is so something Dad would say. Started crying immediately and had to get away from him. Driving home, down Rainier Ave, here he comes behind me, turned up Lakeridge and it turns out he lives the next street over. I think it was our Daddy saying "how do"!! I'm telling you, it was very strange! He was so cute! Wonder if I'll run into him again? Love Joce