Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Day After

It was sort of a funny day yesterday. We all gathered at the house and hung out together, talking about everything and laughing at memories of dad. Not a lot of tears, but some.

I will speak for myself when I say I mostly felt a sense of relief and a job well done, and a deep love and respect for everyone. Towards the end of the day I found myself blurting out, "I'm just so surprised that he's gone!" We've been hanging out and having a laugh (and a cry) all thru out this whole adventure, so the idea that Dad wasn't in his room anymore was like a little bubble burst of surprise and shock to me. A few of us reported feeling totally exhausted, like how you feel at the end of a day in the sun and wind. Beat.

We'll be having a party in celebration of dad's life next Saturday, June 16 here at Jocelyns. If you can read this, you are invited! If you can read this, it would be good to see you! Should be a pretty good time, in spite of it all. Email me at for details.

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