Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Our Business in Seaside on Monday

We brought Dad's ashes down to Seaside on Monday, and it was so wonderful to be so warmly received by friends of mom and dad. Mom's friend Patsy had arranged for a reception at the Elks club, and the room was filled with a lot of close friends who remembered Dad fondly and wanted to make note of his passing. They had a lunch spread set out for us, and someone gave Mom the most aromatic yellow rose any of us had ever seen. It was all very sweet, and it was so wonderful to see Mom surrounded by old friends who love her. Mom is looking forward to heading down to Seaside again soon to reconnect with everyone she saw on Monday.

It was a beautiful day at the beach, and everything went just right. Like mom was saying, there just hasn't been anything "wrong" with Dad's passing and working through his final arrangements. From the party on Saturday (separate post to come on that, with pictures!) to scattering his ashes at the beach, it has all gone so beautifully. Well, I can think of one thing. Jocelyn and Brooke determined that the Razor Clams they ordered in honor of Daddy at Doogers in Seaside were a tad over breaded. But, otherwise... perfect.

p.s. this is one of my all time favorite pictures of Mom. Love you Momma!

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