Sunday, June 17, 2007

If only he could've been there

We had a party in Dad's honor yesterday. It was a great time. Like I say, (or, as my dad would've said, "As I say,") if only dad could've been there. Lots of laughter and old friends and extended family, black jelly beans and peanut brittle, bourbon and vodka, you name it.

We had the black jelly beans because they were dad's favorite. They're not the favorites of anyone else apparently, because we have about a bazillion jelly beans left over. Another sign that dad was sorely missed yesterday. But I will bring home left over Butterfinger candy bars!

I spent all last week writing a biography of my dad, that I'll post here as well as over at his memorial blog, as soon as I get around to it. Hopefully sometime today, but more likely after I get back to new hampshire. Today is a day of rest and cleaning and laundry and computer work, hopefully.

Tomorrow my family and I are taking dad's ashes down to Seaside to scatter them into the sea. Totally what he wouldv'e wanted. In fact, it's Orv approved because at one point in his last week, he wanted us to go over the details of his party and what we would do with his ashes, and he loved the idea. I asked him if I could take some home with me and he liked that, too. Jocelyn will be putting in a hydrangea bush in her garden in memory of dad, and he very likely will fertilize the soil for that, too.

And then on Tuesday, Maggie and I get back on the airplane and return to Jeff and Henry after almost a month absence! The guys back home are doing fine, both parents being ready to pass of the kid they've been with for the last month over to the other. I'm excited to see my big guy (who turns seven on Wednesday!) and my bigger guy (who turns 40 next march!) and my dog and my house and my kitchen and my stuff and my mail and my internet bookmarks - the list could go on and on!)

It'll be strange to come back home with no pregnancy, no daddy, no need for daily phone calls with my mom and sisters about dad and how he's doing, etc. Not really sure how that will feel, but I know it'll be good to be home. This has been a really special time, but I'm ready to be home.

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