Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Wrapping up details

Dad has really been working hard these past few days. lots of talking and planning and working things through. You can tell that he's finally aware that he's leaving, so his first concern is how to get there. Lots of talk about maps and how to get to where to go, etc. He later reported seeing a woman with black hair who was waiting for him, and that she had the map, she knew the way to go, so that was good enough for him.

Early this morning he was requesting his wallet and his credit cards and some cash. We don't have his wallet here, so I showed and let him hold some of the things from my wallet. I showed him my Costco card and said, "I bet you know what this card is!" and he said, "oh yes, that's a costco card. you take that card down to costco and they'll let you buy anything you want!" At some point he said, "They've already spoken to me. I'm not gonna need any money, any cards... You don't see it, but that is a card that is only good in this building. one use..." and so that was good enough for him.

Just a little bit ago, he began to talk about wanting to settle his tab here. lots of talk about wanting to make sure he was all paid up. "I make sure, before we're all thru, that we're all paid up here." I assured him that there would be no bills to pay, it was all paid for. That he'd worked long and hard to pay for it all and that everything was covered, he could relax. Then he said, "These people, on the inside, who would normally not be paid, we oughta at least give them an ice cream cone." I laughed pretty good at that one and suggested that thank you cards are nice too and he heartily agreed.

It's as if he's crossing things off his list that need to be in order before he can even think of leaving. Needs to know where to go, needs to know what to bring, wants to settle up before he goes. It's pretty incredible. And so gratifying to be able to help him in this way. I've been writing things down as he says them (and as I can translate) and then re-reading them once I have them down, and it all seems very clear to me now. I'm so glad he's so calm and involved and not afraid to let us help him. So flattering that he believes me so sincerely when I tell him not to worry about something or help him work out the details. Such a graceful, dignified man.

More later.

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Katie said...

I still adore you.