Thursday, June 28, 2007



Much to report! Matt and Nicole had their baby. A little boy, name of Eli Matthew. 7 pounds, 13 ounces. We are going to see him at the hospital tonight! I wish I had fixings to bake them some cookies or something before I go. I should at least go see if I do. there's time if I happen to have it all on hand. Hmm... Anyways, baby was born yesterday just before eleven in the morning, Wednesday 6/27/07. More to come on this very important matter! I feel like a real auntie!

UPDATE: presenting baby Eli...

Isn't he sweet? And how about that cleft chin, just like his Poppa. Also, notice Maggie's sweet expression on her face. Isn't SHE sweet?! :-)

Both kids started swimming lessons on Monday. We get to the pond about 10:45, Maggie goes from 11 to 11:30 and then Henry goes from 12 to 12:30. Free swim in the meantime, but we beat feet right at 12:30. I say it's because we have to eat lunch, but it's also because hanging out waterside in the broiling sun is not all that great a time for me, and I'm ready to go. I am beginning to make a new friend here and there however, and the town park we go to is well designed for safety and kids, so I've begun bringing a book and that makes it even more bearable. The water in the pond is managed well to stay clean, and comes stocked full of Henry's school chums and other local kids. The lessons went all this weekend and go monday to friday next week. THEN IT'S CAPE COD HERE WE COME!!!


I am trying to get the house pulled together so that by mid week next week, everything will be clicking along and adding various houseguests and packing for two weeks away and leaving a clean house to return to, and don't forget the laundry! But it is so dang hot. last night we had wonderful thunderstorms which seemed to break the heat wave. And I know, compared to August in New England, that this weather here is nothing. I think this is a stifling muggy broiling hellscape? just wait.

Otherwise, I am just hanging out. I feel good, have adjusted to the time change and feel strong emotionally. It helps to talk with my mom nearly every day. So nice to visit with her and have talk about this strange new world with no daddy in it. There is so much to consider and think over and ponder! For her especially. I'm so grateful she's willing to share her insights with me, and that she still willing to sit and listen to me contemplate MY belly button! Love you Momma!

We have not left the house beyond swim lessons since some time Sunday, I am just now realizing. wow. is that possible? let me think. oh yeah! Maggie had a dentist appointment on Monday. I have photos to show you.


Alright. I'm off for now. Check back soon for photos to this post!

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