Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Ah, Wednesday.

I am usually quite bored on Wednesdays. Mondays I usually get started on laundry right away, and then pull the house together and potentially begin to tackle some sort of project. This Monday it was painting the downstairs hallway area where the stairs are. Yesterday I felt like I'd worked hard the day before, plus the dump was open and I picked up a ton of old magazines, plus jeff was due home late from work. So the day yawned in front of me and I ended up not doing much of anything except plowing through the magazines. And today....! Today I'm sick of it all. Nothing to get inspired about, nothing to "do" besides more housework, more laundry, etc. The only thing to do is to distract and/or scold maggie from her current obsession of dispensing any and every cream/gel/soap hand pump that she can get her hands on. Right now in fact she's at my side, demanding, "LOTION! LOTION! LOTION!"

I think what I'll do is, I'll go play with maggie. That's important work, too. I get so used to working around her that I often forget to work WITH her. the laundry can still get done, the house will only get slightly messier, and it'll help her to stay out of trouble.

I joined a photo group at called "Corners of My Home". There are over 1,600 people signed up and everyone posts photos of a corner in their house. I have seen this on a few of the blogs I read and really enjoy it. Then I saw a picture I took of my kitchen sink a couple years ago and decided I should add that feature to my blog, too. so look for it soon!

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Cassidy said...

it puts the lotion on its skn or else it gets the hose again!