Saturday, December 02, 2006

Henry's Dental Appointment

Earlier this week Henry had an appointment with our dental hygenist, Carrie. Earlier this year, when we were in Seattle for three weeks this summer, Henry's cousin Brooke took x-rays of his teeth as part of her training to be a dental hygenist, and so we brought those with us to show Carrie and Dr. Wilson, our family dentist.

Apparently Henry has big teeth and we should expect "some crowding" and a need for othodontics with him. This is no surprise! Carrie also thought she saw an "extra tooth" visible in his x-ray, near the bottom left of his nose or something. She wanted to hang on to the x-ray so that dr. wilson could take it to some orthodontics conference he's going to soon so he could get some second opinions. Not out of any concern, more of a 'do you see what I see?' kind of thing. Carrie told Henry is was called a "Supernumery" and he caught my eye, obviously pleased. like he'd been given a super power or something. "Super!" he said, giving me a thumbs up. too cute.

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