Friday, January 11, 2008

Election Analysis

Our local paper published the election results for the towns in the community... very interesting.

In our town, Obama got 386 votes, Clinton got 284 in the democratic primary. Romney got 245 and McCain got 283. Our town had a 60% voter turn out. There are 2,923 registered voters and 1,771 votes were cast.

In Milford, the breakdown was this: Obama 1,052, Clinton 1,091, Romney 867 and McCain 978. Milford had a 56% voter turn out. There are 10,045 registered voters, 5,693 votes cast.

For Amherst: Obama 1,300, Clinton 970. Romney 1,140 and McCain 1,250. Amherst had a 72% votern turn out. There are 8,459 registered voters and 6,165 votes were cast.

So we delivered our town to Obama!

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