Monday, January 21, 2008

I'm hungry!

I am looking forward to going home for lunch. I will make a turkey and cheese sandwich. I will wipe down the countertops. I will use the bathroom. I will cuddle with Kermit. I will watch a show.

So the inmates are running the asylum. Both kids, certainly Maggie, end up sleeping in our bed at night. Yesterday it was discovered that Maggie doesn't find her bed to be as cozy as other beds in the house. So yesterday she and I went to Homegoods and Target and picked out some cozy pink flannel sheets. Looked for other "princess" ephemera, but could not find anything worthy of purchase.

It stinks how you see something "everywhere" and then when you finally decide you want some, and you return to the places you thought would stock that stuff to the rafters and you are thwarted at every turn. Boo. Maybe when I'm not in the market for it, I see it and think "Pink!" or "Maggie would love that" and that's the end. But when I decide to go out and make the purchase, I determine that Maggie wouldn't love exactly that. And Pink is one thing, 49.99 is another.

Anyway. I tried to make her bed as cozy and warm as possible, but she still ended up in our bed halfway through the night...Boo....

Elsewhere in my life... I'm going to be taking over a new position at work. It was the one I originally interviewed for way back when. I wish I were more excited about it, but hopefully that will be good. I'm not having second thoughts, I'm just sort of "eh..." I guess I'm not dissatisfied with the job I've got, and I wasn't really looking to jump ship just yet - I feel like I'm just getting warmed up in this position and now it's time to learn something new. Luckily I really like the woman I'll be working for/with, she and I have a great rapport, and she, apparently, is convinced I'll love the new work. Time will tell...

Next weekend kicks of day after day of good times and visits with some of the very important women in my life. Lanie and Cassidy and Nora plan to arrive on Thursday night, and then Jocelyn and Brooke come Saturday night! Jeff and Henry will be surrounded by women this weekend - the lucky ducks!

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