Friday, January 11, 2008

Hello, friends...



Tonight, Jeff and I are going out to dinner! Just the two of us! Alone! My girlfriend Liza is going to watch the kids at her house for us. I will have a margarita for YOU, dear reader!

And a margarita for YOU, other dear reader!

Weekend plans this weekend are not so hot. The sheer quantity of laundry that needs doing is unbelievable. And I won't even mention going to the dump. Anyway, a bunch of housework, in other words.

Oh if only I didn't have a Wii to play and a new chair to sit in and a laptop to surf on! I might actually get things done around here...

Maggie is really enjoying puzzles. She's so patient and careful about them. I picked up a few new puzzles for her at the Job Lot today at lunch. And last night was the first in several dozen (it seems like) where we woke up in our own bed, with no small children in it! So she gets a My Little Pony.

The other new thing with Maggie is that she's been working on the computer more. last night, for a very long while, she was consumed with playing "Bunnyland" games at or whatever it is. And heaven help the adult who might have a tip or two on how to use a trackpad. This sister will do it for herself!

Another goal this weekend will be to sell one of our red couches on craigslist. Gotta work up my craigslist karma, you know.

And, I'd like to see a movie, too. Maybe "Juno" or "Lars and the Real Girl", or whatever's playing at our local movie theater...

Have a great weekend blogland!

p.s. I hope to get my sew on this weekend as well. wish me luck!

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