Monday, January 14, 2008

Good Day, dear reader

Hello good people of Bloggingtown, it is I, your loyal scribe.

Jeff and I had a great dinner date on Friday. We had a babysitter and everything! Went to Amigos, where I quickly ordered a house margarita. the thing was so nasty and bottom dwelling, I turned right around and upgraded to a top shelf quality margarita and mmm-boy, was it just what I was looking for. Yum. And, Ole!

On Saturday Jeff took the kids to see "Alvin and the Chipmunks" and I went out with my new girlfriend Liza to look at used furniture. F-U-N spells fun for this gal! Liza was the one who watched the kids for us on Friday, and it is so nice to feel like maybe I have a sister pal on my hands! She's the bees knees, that one.

And yesterday Maggie and I made a mermaid dolly. She still needs some work, but I'll try to post a picture of her.

I have six or seven more 'parts' of Maggie working on the puzzle. Videos at youtube take forever to upload, so you will get those in installments. After I figure out what is wrong with Part Two, that is.

We got a whole bunch of snow over the last 12 hours or so, several to a-whole-bunch of inches of snow. Hopefully we'll get some snow while Jocelyn and Brooke are here, 'cause it's real purty to watch falling from the sky. (Unlike other things falling from the sky, that is.)

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JoeRocket said...

I'd best catch up, in case there's a quiz...