Thursday, January 03, 2008

Mindy Ephron

If you recognize this woman, Mindy Kaling from "The Office", you might be happy to know she has a blog! And you may be happier still to know that I have a link to her blog right here for you! Pretty funny stuff. She and her friends write about the things they've bought that they love. Hence, the title.

Things I've Bought That I love

1. Zenergize Drink Tablets.

In my efforts to ween myself off of disgusting, stomach-lining-eroding diet soda, I've turned to healthful alternatives. For a while it was kombucha, but man, it is expensive, and also it kind of tastes like an alcoholic is peeing in your mouth. But yeah, I try to keep a minimum to the chemicals and preservatives I ingest.

Remember those old ads as a kid where you'd see an elderly person happily plunking a tablet in water and then dropping their dentures in it? And even though it was kind of grotesque, it also looked really, well, fun? Zenergize tabs allow regular cool, healthy, young people to drop tablets in water, but instead of cleaning dentures, they create a fun fizzy drink you can gulp down before you work out, or take a midterm, or have sex or something. I primarily use the "Burn" tablets because I am obsessed with any calorie burning booster. But if you're feeling sick or something, you can use "Immunity" which has a kind of citrusy taste and it really does feel like you're keeping yourself good and impenetrable to baddie cold germs. I love that they aren't too-too sweet or anything, and have only 2 calories for a whole tablet! Moreoever, if you lick a tablet, you get a super satisfying little fizzle on your tongue.


Cassidy said...

Oh, yay! I LOVE HER!

Anonymous said...

Question....How would you know what a alcoholic peeing in your mouth taste like?? huh, huh, huh? :-) Love ya, Joce