Thursday, January 18, 2007

And this room is cozy once again

I've switched up the cozyroom even more than what you saw last! I brought the red couch from the porch in and put it along the back wall where that craft desk and clutter tower used to be. and I took all the alphabet flash cards down, too. I like them a lot, but the visual clutter had to go.

the craft desk is now cleaned off and under the window, next to the tv. this area gets wonderful light and we are all enjoying it in our own way. Henry likes to type on the typewriter I picked up at the dump, I've done some crafting at the table at night while watching trashy network television, and Maggie loves to sit on the desk and work her glue stick at her little trau table while I work on something at the desk. I really like this desk, very sturdy. I sort of wish it wasn't so massive, however. Anyway. what do you want for five dollars?!

what I want is to make it a dark cozy private den in the night time, because that vibe is very appealing to me too. eventually all the toys will make their way out of the room, and I put the dark red curtains I had in this room before back in. and the doors are going to be put back on soon, too which will make it extra cozy and private. The overhead light will have to go. I brought "dogs playing poker" from in the guest room up to over the red couch. I'd like to find a cozy shaggy rug, maybe some groovy lamps. and on the walls we could have a little display area for things we are proud of, maybe the collection of group photos the kids will appear in over the years. Perhaps a sports penant or two, vacation photos, etc. - can you see it? :-)

the living room needs window treatments of some kind. the walls in that room are bleak! We need to fix the drywall situation around the doors to the porch, and then that room will be in a position to shape up via paint and so forth. and to be able to play tunes in the living room would be so nice. I'm listening to music right now in the kitchen, and you just can't beat it for helping to maintain a positive energy and help you keep busy. right now I am loving dave matthews band.

I'll post pictures of the latest version of the living room when I have them...

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