Thursday, January 18, 2007

the new TLC

if you know me, you know about my addiction to triscuits and cheese. I can get so addicted to a certain type of food that I'll just eat it and eat it and eat it and eat it. I think I have a powerful attraction to fiber. Used to be sugar, now it's probably fiber. I love crunch and I love a little salt or a little sweet.

When I attempt to break the cycle, cruising the snack cracker aisle I feel like a drug addict who's trying to stay clean. and if I'm stressed or looking to reward myself, I'll run out to the store and buy my little box of crackers and my block of cheddar and set out all my favorite tools for the job, and my little drug and then I take it. Seriously. it's like a drug. I could say more on this topic.

Anyway. There's a new fix on the street I've come to realize. Frosted shredded mini wheats. with skim milk. I tell you I could eat this stuff all day long. I DO eat it all day long. I've got to stop. It just can't be good for me. EVERYTHING IN MODERATION, doggone it! I first tried it because I thought I might like them onaccounta my thing for triscuits. And I figured if I did like them, it'd be a smarter choice than triscuits and cheese. fat grams wise. but boy howdy do I like them. too much!

But I feel huge. my intestines are packed with fiber, and my bottom system trumpets from dawn to dusk. bbbbrooooppppptt!

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