Monday, January 22, 2007

TeeVee TeeVee

the kids are watching as much television as ever. there are subtle shifts occuring in behavior and choice making and time spending, however. and we were smart to move the location of the tv, I can certainly recommend that. the living room is now this nice oasis of quiet and relative calm. I love how it can look nice nearly all day with minimal effort.

The main benefit of having "killed" our television is that we aren't shelling out 80 bucks a month on it anymore. and like I said, the kids and I are gradually, slowly beginning to find new ways to spend time together. I've also given myself a schedule that helps me not to plant margie in front of the boob tube constantly. Everybody needs structure.

as for me, I'm really not missing the tv at all. I'm reading more, I'm getting more sleep, I'm connecting with my family more, my husband more. so no complaints from me. jeff has been so busy lately he hasn't hardly watched tv at all since we turned it off! he and henry watched '20,000 leagues under the sea' last weekend, I bet that's been about it for him.

but the best thing is we're not paying the 80 bucks. that's four yuppie food stamps!

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