Friday, August 24, 2007

Friday afternoon

Today is a slow day, but I have been keeping busy. Today is the last day at Henry's summer camp program. They had a talent show. He'd asked us to come and see him perform - the only clue he gave us was that his talent was running. But when Jeff got there (before me) Henry informed him that his group may not be performing after all. So Jeff and I got to watch the other kids perform their talents, and it was very sweet.

one girl played her violin. She came on stage and sat down very calmly and then proceeded to saw out "Mary Had a Little Lamb" -- not hitting one right note during the whole performance. it was too cute. Another girl was scheduled to sing "Somewhere over the Rainbow", but she got stage fright and instead trembled and cried while the camp counselor held her on stage with a protective arm around the shoulder and led everyone in singing the first verse of the song.

The folks running his camp are terrific. I will be happy to incorporate their offerings into Henry's world as we head into the school year and it's various school vacations and whatnot.

As for weekend plans, we don't really have any, and I am thrilled. Putter, putter, putter, futz, futz, futz. YAY! Lots and lots of yard sales in the paper this week, too. And my friend Bob invited us out on Saturday night, but I never squared away a sitter, so there goes that. Maybe my wonderful mutton chopped husband (you know who you are) will encourage me to go out on my own!!!

I hope you have a great weekend, whoever you are. Wherever you are.

bye now!

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