Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tuesday Tuesday!

Maggie went to the ER at 1:30am last night! She's had a runny nose for the last couple days, and woke up at 11:30 and then again at 12:30 last night with a terrible honking cough and sore throat. Jeff had been out very late and came home at 1:30am to Maggie flailing around on our bed, crying and moaning. I think her throat was so sore that it made her cry, which made her throat hurt more, which made her moan, which made her throat hurt more, etc. I had been sort of waiting for her to calm herself down (like she'd done at 11:30) when Jeff came in and saved the day. He was so concerned by her behavior that he swept her up in his arms and brought her to the ER. They were home a couple hours later, with nothing major to report. I guess she has whooping cough and it sounded so terrible because of her smaller lung capacity or something. Anyway, Maggie.........will recover. She is at home today with her dad, but I'm sure she'll be heading back to "school" tomorrow.

I, on the other hand, am most likely catching what she's got. I have some Airborne (Thank you Maxine!) at the house that I keep thinking I should run home and take, because I can feel it coming on (sore throat, sniffles, etc.) but I am here at work, not there at home, so it may have to wait.

I brought my lunch today with the hopes of going to work out on my lunch hour. I may be heading off to do that real soon here. I had been thinking it would be too inconvenient to work out at lunch, but then it occurred to me that in fact, it wouldn't be. Yesterday I talked with my girlfriend Heather about tips and tricks on working out and she gave me the hookup and inspiration to give it a shot. Thanks Heather!

Okay, so this officially fulfills my promise to post each day at work. We were going to go see Barack Obama at a Nashua Pride baseball game tonight, but those plans have been run asunder by various forces no longer under my control. Boo. You and I will share the same space some day, Mr. Obama. Today is not your day, however.

Bye for now!

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