Monday, November 27, 2006

Wha'd I do...

My new girlfriend Lascia gave me tons of craft supplies this weekend. Lots of stuff I don't already have a ton of, like wire edged ribbon, silk flowers, candle making stuff, table centerpiece candles/vases and assorted supplies, glitter spray, etc. She also gave me what appears to be an entire cake decorating supply kit, which I am so excited about already! I just finished trying my hand at piping some frosting out onto waxed paper. Lascia had fooled with all these supplies at one point and was now so done with them all that my willingness to take them off her hands thrilled her to death. It was a real win win situation, as I have always been drawn to craft supplies of this type but had been able to resist investing in them. so now? FREE! free free free. delightful.

our family from Maine stopped by for a night on Saturday night, and we gals had a craft party, breaking in my new supply. What was funny for me is that I was only able to get going with my creation once I gave myself permission to deconstruct the supplies and use their bits and pieces as items not originally intended by the manufacturer. Center bits of silk flowers became eyes and the silk petals and leaves became hair or wings, for example. I plan to make lots of silk flower hair clips for Maggie, and a part of me wants to experiment with covering a swim cap with silk flowers or something. I like to mix it up!

Yesterday Jeff bought a steam cleaner for the house! hooray! my upstairs is drying as we speak. And this weekend we transformed maggie's room into a big girl bedroom, complete with a desk and trundle bed! I'll post pictures soon. This week the fun in store includes preparing a package to mail off to seattle, cleaning the carpets, doing laundry and fooling with my craft supplies. good times in store!

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