Wednesday, November 08, 2006

You aren't missing anything...

Another day of cleaning house, running errands and whipping up things for bake sales. Worst nightmare or dream come true, depending! Dream come true for me. I'm pretty happy these days.

I voted yesterday, did you? It was nice to wake up this morning to the election results, we were all pleased. I woke Henry up this morning with the good news that Paul Hodes had won the congressional election. "YESSS! Now somebody's going to stand up to George Bush!" He is such a great kid.

Jeff volunteered for the Hodes campaign and managed to get he and Henry seats on the campaign's Labor Day parade float in Milford earlier this year, so Henry has been all about Paul Hodes.
We would be driving down the road and Henry would spy a Paul Hodes sign and it would be impossible for him to keep quiet about it. "Paul Hodes!" he'd shout. I love that Jeff is sharing his interest in political action with all of us, Henry especially. We are all looking forward with great anticipation to the New Hampshire primary in 2008. I actually can conjur butterflies in my stomach when I think about Barack Obama running for president. Keep your fingers crossed!

Jeff took yesterday off from work so he could hold signs in front of our Town Hall for the various Democratic candidates. And he helped with the vote count last night after the polls closed, too! WHAT A PATRIOTIC AMERICAN.

We also had a parent teacher conference with Henry's 1st grade teacher in the afternoon, which went great. Henry is really doing wonderfully in school. She mentioned that he's always there for her when she calls on him in the classroom, the other kids love him, he gives her no trouble, he gives the other kids no trouble, gets along with everyone, etc. etc. etc. "I'd give him 5 tickets a day if I could" she said. (They have a ticket system. good behavior earns tickets, poor behavior costs tickets. 15 tickets equals a trip to the treasure chest.) I thought this was interesting because Henry totally understands and respects the ticket system and feels he needs to work hard to earn them. He was very proud and excited about getting to cash in his tickets for a prize today. (But it was Paul Hodes winning the election that actually got him up and willing to start his day, so go figure!)

Tonight is something called a "Fall Festival" put on by our PTO, and I am going down there to help out in the cafeteria. The after school enrichment program has a Junior First Lego League club, of which Henry is a member and I am a volunteer. The Lego kits that the school bought depleted the enrichment program coffers, so a few of us will be selling baked goods to the kind folks that attend the Fall Festival tonight. In fact, I have brownies and lemon bars to whip up and cupcakes to frost as we speak!

But I figure I can whip those up in no time and anyway, I have to pick up Henry soon, so the timing is off for pulling them out of the oven at the right time. There's time yet. My time is better spent sitting here typing this up, then maybe playing some Lottso on Pogo. Especially since the dishwasher is running, the washer and dryer are going, my bedroom is nearly spotless and my daughter is napping!

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